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"Professional car detailing is our specialty here at Perry's Auto Detailing. With over 22 years in the business, we provide a thorough interior and exterior cleaning to vehicles with the most reputable cleaning products. Automotive detailing preserves the clean look of a car while maintaining its resale value, therefore it is recommended that consumers uphold the quality of their cars" - Perry Albano, Owner of Perry's Auto Detailing

                                                                 Detailing Information

The Benefits of Detailing

Detailing not only improves the appearance of your vehicle, it increases it's value.

  • Clean appearance = increased value

  • Top dollar at trade-in

  • Lease returns

  • Prevents problems: oxidation, paint & interior deterioration


Detailing For A Special Occasion

Can't decide what to get for a birthday, holiday, or other special occasion? Surprise someone by borrowing their vehicle and having it detailed!  Or, give them a gift certificate!

  • How about employee rewards for attendance, safety, or productivity?

  • How about a thank you gift for your clients?

  • There are many reasons to use our great Detailing Service!

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1) The interior of my car needs a good cleaning but I don't need a shampoo. Which is the best detailing service for my request?

A Superior Interior will thoroughly clean the inside of the car without a shampoo. The interior of the car will be vacuumed, cleaned and includes an application of Armor All. Since a clean car isn't complete until the outside looks fresh, an exterior hand carwash is also included.

2) I'm really just looking to make my car look shiny and new again. What type of detail do I need?

The Simoniz Auto Wax is perfect to make your car look shiny and new! The specialized wax presents a shine and deep gloss, while the tire shine provides an intense black look to really make your car stand out.

3) There are new scratches on my car, along with tree sap that won't come off! Will an auto detail be able to remove this mess?

Scratches that are light and tree sap that is fresh on the car can be removed with our Compound and Wax detail service. This particular auto detail is focused on a deep waxing technique to remove scratches, bugs, road tar, tree sap and other items that are unpleasant on a vehicle. Keep in mind: Tree sap that is left on a car for awhile is difficult to remove. Bring your car for a detail as soon as possible so we can achieve the best results!

A Compound and Wax is also recommended after the winter season to remove excess salt on the car.

4) The inside of my car messy and I have some stains on my carpets but the outside is pretty clean. What car detail service do you advise?

If the whole interior of the car needs a cleaning, an Interior Shampoo is the way to go! This auto detailing service thoroughly vacuums, shampoos and cleans the whole inside of a vehicle. Stains on the carpet or seats should be shampooed and dressed immediately after the spill, as it is difficult to remove stains that have been there for a long time.

Our Service Menu

SIMONIZ Auto Wax - 
  • Hand wash - remove bug & road tar
  • Clean wheels & apply tire shine
  • Apply advanced tech wax - providing a long lasting reflective shine with a deep high gloss 
  • Also includes interior vacuum & windows

                              $64.95 + tax
Carpet Shampoo -
  • Thorough interior vacuuming
  • Shampoo carpet
  • Shampoo mats
                                              $34.95 + tax

Super Interior -
  • Thorough cleaning of interior using air tools
  • Dash & center console cleaned & dressed
  • Carpets and mats thoroughly vacuumed
  • Interior windows cleaned

                                        $64.95 + tax

Interior Shampoo -
  • Deep cleaning of carpets, mats, seats, door panels, dashboard, gauges, console, cup holders, compartments, and air vents
  • Thorough Interior vacuuming
  • Interior windows cleaned & door jams wiped
  • Hand Wash Vehicle Exterior
                   (We also offer smoke odor elimination) 
                                   $119.95 + tax

Compound & Wax - 
  • Hand wash vehicle exterior
  • Remove road tar & bugs
  • Apply clear coat safe compound to effectively remove swirl marks, light scratches, and oxidation
  • Apply advanced tech wax - providing a long lasting reflective shine with a deep high gloss 
  • Also includes wheel cleaning & tire shine
                                      $119.95 + tax

Complete Detailing -
  • Combination of our Interior Shampoo service and our Compound & Wax service listed above
             ***($239.90 ValueSave $64.95)***
                     Only $174.95 + tax!!



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                                        FAQ Continued
Again, a car isn't fully clean until the exterior looks fresh so a hand carwash is included with an Interior Shampoo.

5) I see that carpet and seats are shampooed with an Interior Shampoo but I have leather seats. Do car detailing services address leather cleaning?

Of course! If you have leather seats, an Interior Shampoo or Complete Detail will use specialized techniques to keep your leather clean. The leather is deeply cleansed with a shampoo, following with a leather conditioner that aids in restoring the leathers texture and gloss. In addition, the leather lotion penetrates to preserve the look of the leather and to help prevent it from drying out and cracking.  

6) From the winter season, my car is covered with salt on the inside and out. Is there an auto detail that can clean my whole vehicle?

A Complete Detail will work wonders for your car to get ready for the warm weather. Our Complete Detail encompasses all of our car detailing services in one. To remove salt from the exterior of the car, a Compound and Wax is applied, following with a Simoniz Auto Wax to restore the car with a high shine gloss. An Interior Shampoo will remove salt from the carpet and mats, thus maintaining its natural and clean state. A Complete Detail is recommended before the winter to help protect your car and after the winter to remove any salt that can leave damaging effects on your vehicle. You will enjoy a fresh, clean car after a Complete Detail by Perry's Auto Detailing!

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Give us a call today and we will gladly assist you. 845-242-5135

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